At the same time, he is well conscious of his product’s damaging nature and he doesn’t want Rue to suffer the same deadly fate that his other customers have gone by way of. Despite providing how to delete profile his recommendation, Fez doesn’t sound too patronizing and the dialogues only bring out his pleasant concern. As Rue’s addiction worsens in the second season, she tries to supply a gross sales pitch to Fez. She is prepared to work as an middleman, acquiring medicine from Fez and promoting it to others in her high school. As we see, Rue gave up medicine for some time however relapsed the second Jules left city.

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So, when he bumps into Rue at a celebration, he tries to inform her that medicine won’t save her from the pain that she goes by way of. Even though they may not speak a lot, Rue and Fez do make for one of the major friendships on Euphoria. Jules’ transition journey isn’t seen within the sequence, but her personal development and relationships are a fascinating part of the show. Rue and Jules’s friendship began as probably the greatest of the present for a lot of reasons. However, the issues of every character’s private life took a toll on their bond, and their complicated relationship has garnered some of the most heartbreaking Euphoria quotes. Rue even flat-out requested Jules if she wished that Rue wasn’t exactly who she is.

There’s no denying that Rue and Jules have incredible chemistry and love each other deeply. However, neither of them are in the proper house to date each other. Maybe in the future, things may work out but, for now, they’re better off apart. One of the main problems in Rue and Jules’ relationship is that they’re nonetheless learning to love themselves. With all their doubt and insecurities, they are unable to be there for one another in the ways that each of them deserve.

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She questions Kat if her ‘areolas’ look bizarre, Kat says they’re fine. Maddy then talks about how Nate (her on-off once more boyfriend) makes her feel bad about herself. Madeleine «Maddy» Perez is a major character in the first and second seasons of Euphoria. She is portrayed by Alexa Demie, whereas her 11-year-old counterpart is portrayed by Keilani Arellanes. Barbara Brookes (BB) and Cassie are more of a proximity friendship. Cassie tries to defend her relationship once more and humiliate Lexi for her perception of issues, solely to be booed by the audience, attacking the actress of Haley, and overwhelmed and chased by Maddy.

For each flip, we’re given a previous, fairly heat moment after which spin back to Rue holding Jules and mendacity in mattress. In addition to this, the most famous of the drug trip scenes include Rue stumbling down the corridor after snorting coke within the pilot. The hallway starts to take the most kaleidoscopic turn and the audience finds themselves watching a fairly spectacular homage to Inception. And once once more, due to her trip, we as the viewers are made to query the reality of what occurred and the way a lot time has handed.

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Some friendships on the show are healthy and pleasant, while others can actually be fairly poisonous. For this listing, no relationships that are primarily based on a romantic side (like Nate and Maddy or McKay and Cassie) had been thought of. But when you look carefully, her make-up can tell you precisely how she’s feeling. After a disastrous meetup with Nate, who was catfishing Jules because the dreamy, supportive “Tyler” on a gay relationship app, she’s fallen right into a relationship along with her finest friend Rue.

Rue is visibly uncomfortable and ultimately adjustments again into her unique garments for the get together. This quote is from Jules’ special episode between the first and second season of Euphoria when she’s talking to her therapist. There isn’t something inherently wrong with what Jules’ says here, it’s extra so the implications of it which are an issue. «I really feel so lucky to be working subsequent to her and to be developing these characters’ relationship together with her as a outcome of I know she loves them just as a lot as I do, if no more,» Schafer advised Collider. «We’d spend three hours just cuddling in mattress together as our characters,» Schafer mentioned in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

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For your convenience, I even have put collectively every thing we already know about this growing love triangle with a speculation of how things may form up within the upcoming episodes. I am positive we are going to get some clarity on all of this because the story progresses. Despite her battle to seek out loving connections and the harassment she’s confronted, Jules is proven to remain a big-hearted and type character.

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In the episode’s huge party scene, Nate sees his ex having sex in the pool and spirals right into a rage. After smashing a bunch of glass in the kitchen and attracting everyone’s consideration, he singles out Jules, asking who she is and how she ended up at this party. Eventually, Jules turns the table on the whole thing, slashing her own arm with a knife in an effort to take management of the situation. In truth, going by the Jules-special bridge episode “Fuck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob”, she tells her therapist about swearing off males for some time. But in comes Elliot with an apple tattoo and dreamy eyes, complimenting her for her awkwardness that she could also be tempted to make an exception.

This scene alone leaves room for a future the place the two characters can have bestie potential and even find yourself relationship one another. The opening episode of the second season provided viewers an unexpected romance. At a New Year’s get together, the introverted Lexi happens to sit on the same sofa as Fez, who too is a person of few words. The ensuing dialog is type of attention-grabbing as Lexi educates Fez concerning the pagan origins of Christmas and questions his morals as a drug supplier. The quote makes for one of the most emotional scenes on Euphoria as it’s followed by Fez’s silence. Meanwhile, Rue continues shouting that Fez is a hypocrite for himself getting individuals into medication.